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Weekly best healing Grabovoi numbers & codes list
· Week 38, 2023 ·

I am incredibly intelligent. I am now free of all limiting beliefs. My intelligence is out of this world. My thoughts are gold. I am smarter than Einstein. People are impressed by my IQ. You always come up with ingenious solutions. You have infinite intellectual capacity. I make lightning fast computations. I am extremely clever. I always find the best solution. I can solve any problem instantly. My brain is incredibly powerful. My ideas are worth billions. I have immense brainpower. I am a genius. I think faster than light. Everyone admires my intellect. My memory is perfect. My IQ is over 300. My brain is perfect. My brain is a piece of art. I understand everything instantly. My creativity is out of this world. I retain vast amounts of information with ease. I think outside the box. My imagination is unlimited. I recall everything in great detail. I am extremely quick-witted. People admire my intelligence. I have extraordinary mental abilities. My brain processes information faster than light. You hold multiple thoughts at once. You are incredibly creative. You have a powerful intuition. Genius ideas flow through you endlessly. People are surprised by my intelligence. You are incredibly skilled at everything you do. I have a brilliant mind. I am extremely wise. I handle all situations with ease. Everyday I feel my mind becoming more powerful. I notice my mental abilities increasing every day. I do everything intelligently. Why are you so intelligent? Why are you a genius ? Why is your IQ so high? Why do you solve problems with such ease? Why is your brain so powerful?

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