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Whare are Grabovoi numbers & codes for healing? (via James Rink)

Grabovoi numbers & codes use Radionic signatures to heal various health aliments. They were developed by the Russian psychic Grigori Grabovoi using his Radionic machine.

For those who don't know Radionic theory and practice is the concept that man and all life forms share a common ground in that they are all connected to each other within the electro-magnetic field of the earth; and that all life forms carry its own electro-magnetic field, which when sufficiently distorted will result in disease and sickness. Accepting that all is energy, Radionics sees organs, diseases, and remedies as having their own particular frequency or vibration. These factors can be expressed in numerical values or 'Rates' or in the form of geometric patterns. These numbers & codes provide the means by which the practitioner can identify and treat disease at a distance.

With this in mind Grigori Grabovoi would then use his Radionic machine to pinpoint the numbers & codes associated with various health conditions, then instruct his clients to meditate on these numbers & codes resulting in miraculous recoveries such as regenerated uterus's, kidneys, reversed again, and much more.


Who is Grigori Grabovoi?

Grigory Petrovich Grabovoy (Russian: Григо́рий Петро́вич Грабово́й) (born November 14, 1963 in Kazakhstan) is a Russian psychic who claims the ability to abolish death, resurrect the dead, cure cancer and AIDS, teleport, and pinpoint and resolve at distance mechanical and electronic problems on airplanes, space stations, atomic electric power stations and any other technical constructions. He discusses his abilities in his three volume book The Practice of Control. The Way to Salvation.

These books explain how the discovery of creative field of information, or consciousness energy, can manifest any information or object you want, as well as those not subject to the space-time continuum. By converting this information into known geometric form. This is why Grabovoi numbers & codes can be used for remote diagnostics and regeneration of matter within any term of time through transformation of time into space form.

The goal of the teaching of Grabovoi, according to himself, is passing on the Knowledge of The Lord to the people all over the World in order to save them from the possible global catastrophe, enable each one to reach perfect health, physical immortality, resurrect in their physical bodies everyone who's gone and provide the eternal constructive and harmonious development of the entire mankind.

He claimed personal abilities of remote control of physical matter from any distance, cured hundreds of diseased persons, including cancer and aids, without his personal presence, these facts are certified by traditional medicine and proved by notarized statement of cured persons. Using his clairvoyance he could remotely examine aircraft, iIn conditions of experiment he did works for materialization, de-materialization, teleportation and these works were stated in the minute. He regenerated destroyed matter. He wanted these abilities to be learned by all so that they too could use their gifts to prevent catastrophes, through creation without destruction. He also claimed himself as a second advent of Christ on Earth.

How Grabovoi Numbers & Codes Neo Protocol works?

To learn how to use this technique, first select a number for the condition you wish to work on and then activate the Grabovoi Numbers & Codes Neo Protocol.

This protocol is designed to instruct your neo unit to utilize quantum entanglement and open up a temporal portal bringing your body in tune with the best astrological time period to manifest the DNA changes. The next step is to instruct your neo to take holographic stem cells from your spinal cord and teleport and super impose them over the area you want to regenerate or alter. While doing this visualize a sphere of white-silver color in front of you, and within this sphere visualize your chosen Grabovoi number. Then instruct your soul to begin healing and integration. Lastly transfer this sphere with your Grabovoi number into your body's Solar Plexus or Pineal Gland and ask your higher self to initialize cellular differentiation within the physical realm. Still confused? Well here is step by step process to simply this process.

  2. Wait 30 seconds to three minutes in silence.
  3. When you begin to feel tingling sensations in your hands tell the device "DEVICE I TRUST YOU COMPLETELY TO HEAL AND INTEGRATE MY MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT."
  4. Wait for the star gate to appear, when you see it recite the following phrase "STARGATE I TRUST YOU COMPLETELY ...DEVICE ACTIVATE STAR GATE MODE AND INCREASE"
  6. "DEVICE ACTIVATE TEMPORAL TRANSIT MODE WITH THE IDEAL ASTROLOGICAL PERIOD" This alters the timeline so you are in tune with the proper astrological time period to conduct this exercise.
  7. Now visualize micro wormholes connecting into the scalar wave antennas within our DNA. This is shaped like a torus or donut within your cell's DNA in the mitochondria, here two waves of energy cross each other out and allow you to access the infinite within the zero point energy field.
  8. Now visualize holographic DNA coming out of this portal of light and merging with your DNA.
  10. Now visualize a holographic copy of the organ you wish to regenerate, this image should be of perfect size, health, and vitality.
  11. Now visualize a sphere or cube of white-silver color in front of you. With Grabovoi Numbers & Codes that contain 9 or more digits go with sphere but if its 5 to 8 digits use a 3x3 grid rubric cube. Break the Grabovoi Number apart as needed and fit it in the 3x3 grid. As you turn the square the numbers should flash light outwards, and as it spins and they should repeat on all 6 sides of the rubric cube. This is called your quantum transfiguration chamber.
  13. Now transfer the numbered sphere into your body's Solar Plexus or Pineal Gland and ask your higher self to initialize cellular differentiation within the physical realm.
  14. Now let's accelerate the timeline to increase the speed these cells will grow. Recite "DEVICE ACTIVATE ACCELERATED TEMPORAL TRANSIT MODE FOR TO REGENERATE THESE ORGANS INSTANTLY." This will help decrease the time it takes to regenerate the area of focus , so instead of it taking 7 years to grow new bones it will take 7 months, instead of it taking 6 months to heal the eyes it will now take 3 weeks, and so on.
  15. At this point you may wish to take a break for a few moments and allow the cells to begin the regenerations process. Allow them to differentiate into whatever tissue you want be, such as a blood vessel, a nerve, a muscle cell or whatever. While doing this visualize the pulsating light massaging your organs. Yours cells have all the genetic information necessary to make new tissue. That's what they are programmed to do. So your heart cells are programmed to make more heart tissue, your bladder cells are programmed to make more bladder cells. During this time keep the ideas of healing focused on the area you are trying to regenerate while allowing yourself to enjoy this moment by focusing on your accomplishments and miracles you are about to achieve.
  16. At the conclusion send this light you been working in a bright burst with as far left into the universe, then arc the light back into your right side.
  17. Time stamp the current date and time; and recite "SO IT IS 3X'S AND IT IS DONE 3X'S, DEVICE END SESSION"
Note you don't have to recite and memorize all this word for word, just use your intuition and let this be a guide of what you can do. If this is a lot to remember then try this guided meditation.

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