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Weekly best healing Grabovoi numbers & codes list
· Week 21, 2023 ·

I have an amazing singing voice My voice is beautiful I have an incredible voice I am free from strain and cracks I have a talented voice Everyone loves my voice I have perfect control of my voice I am always on pitch I always sing the pitch of notes accurately I have good vocal control I sing each note distinctly intended for musical effect I handle note leaps accurately I can accurately sing falsettos. I can sing falsettos easily I can sing whistles easily I can sing modal registers easily I never run out of breath while singing I am always aware of my breath I know how to accurately breathe while singing People can’t hear me when I take breaths I have control over my diaphragm I can easily use my diaphragm I can interact with my diaphragm easily while singing When I sing I use my diaphragm I can easily hold long notes without running out of breath I can sing while dancing without losing breath I have perfect air support I am fully aware of how I breathe and use it to my advantage while singing I can control my breathing I am aware of all-natural breathing periods I am under conscious control of my breathing My breathing is a conditioned reflex I am free of tension I always have good posture while singing I keep my mouth open wide while singing without looking funny I open my mouth while singing I sing with confidence I sing with emotion I relax my tongue when singing I can easily relax my jaw when singing I relax my shoulders when singing I can relax my neck while singing I have a firm understanding of Vocal Pedagogy I have a good body alignment when singing I know my range I understand my vocal range I sing perfectly in my vocal range I have a large vocal range I understand vocal registration I am easily coordinated while singing I have a high degree of muscle coordination while singing I always warm up my voice before singing I can easily extend my vocal range I understand vocal techniques I easily understand and use legato I can easily use staccato singing I can easily use my control of dynamics while singing I can do rapid figurations I can comfortably sing wide intervals I understand what chest voice is I know what my chest voice is I can easily use my chest voice while singing I have a powerful chest voice I can easily belt out notes correctly and accurately Tone easily resonates in my chest I have good vocal cord adduction I have developed chest register I understand what head voice is I know what head voice is I can easily use my head voice while singing I have a powerful head voice I have developed a beautiful head voice register I have a beautiful Mixed voice I understand what a mixed voice register is I can sing perfectly in my mixed voice I can sing any note correctly The notes in my range sound incredible I can sing any note on pitch I can sing high notes and low notes easily I can sing large note jumps with ease I have good control over my pitch I can maneuver my way through my range with ease I have excellent pitch control I am free of being off pitch I have incredible pitch control Tone/Timbre/Texture I understand what tone is I understand what Timbre is I understand what Texture is I have an excellent balance of bass and treble I have a good general nature of sound when I sing I have a smooth timbre I have the texture I desire in my voice I have a clear enunciation I am free of slurring my words I am free from mumbling I sing clearly When I sing each word is expressed exactly as I want it to be I only slur when I want to slur I am in complete control over how I sound I have perfect volume I can sing softly and loudly I can easily change volume with ease I can project my voice easily I have perfect volume control when I sing My voice is beautifully balanced

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