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Weekly best healing Grabovoi numbers & codes list
· Week 13, 2023 ·

I am the person who has the strongest, most organized and most extensive memory in the world. I am able to remember everything I saw or heard with the most complete and accurate details. I have the power and speed of superhuman learning and I will never forget anything I learn. The distraction disorder has gone away in me in the best possible way. I have the most skill in humor and I can easily make everyone around me, even the most serious people, laugh with my sentences. I have the highest and best flirting skills with girls. I have the most beautiful and attractive face in the world. Girls pay most attention to me. All girls follow my Instagram page. All girls are constantly replaying my page stories. I have most Instagram followers in the world. I have the highest and strongest level of magnetic attraction. Beautiful Girls are very interested in having a relationship with me. Girls everywhere look at me constantly. I can easily attract anyone I want, like a magnet. I have the highest skill in answering and passing shit tests of the girls. I have the best and highest skill in improvisation and riposte. Everyone sees me as a very handsome person and constantly praises me. I have the highest level of self-confidence and self-esteem. I am a person that all people trust me completely. I can control my ejaculation time and and I do not have premature ejaculation at all. I have the best and most standard human skull shape in the world. I will never forget the information I need. I am able to make the strongest eye contact with all people. I really enjoy eating onions and I really like the taste of it. I don't feel shy in any situation. People do not doubt my results and changes from subliminals and codes and accept me as I am. I can communicate with everyone easily. I have the strongest power of speech and expression in the world and my voice is quite clear and expressive. I have the highest lung capacity in the world and I can not hold my breath for more than an hour. I have the most beautiful and special chiseled jawline in the world. I do not have nail biting disorder. I have had the best cheek lift surgery and my cheeks are extremely chubby and well-shaped. All the trapped negative emotions, spells, physical and mental traumas, destructive cellular memories and mental sensitivities are completely removed from my subconscious and body. I have all the characteristics of an alpha male. I have the most proportionate and symmetrical head, body and face in the world. I am the most popular and famous person in the world. I have the highest intuition and skill in all martial arts and no one can defeat me in any fights or battles. I have the most fragrant mouth and breath in the world. I have the strongest immune system in the world. I always know what to say and I give the fastest and best answer. I get the best results in the law of attraction. I am the bravest and most creative person in the world. I have the richest, most united, happiest and luckiest family. My parents have the most love and intimacy for each other and they can not betray each other in any way. All those who disturb my parents' relationship completely distance from my parents' lives and disappear. All negative, harmful and unwanted emphases are forever erased from my subconscious. I have the most masculine and attractive voice of laughter in the world. The breadth of my head and face increases at every moment. Annoying memories are cleared from my subconscious. All the hair on my ears is completely gone. I have the strongest and healthiest liver in the world. The mental, brain, physical and psychological damage caused by epilepsy in me has been completely eliminated. I have the widest shoulders in the world. I have the widest chest muscles in the world. I have the strongest and most flexible abdominal and diaphragm muscles in the world. My lung, abdominal and diaphragm muscles have the most air-holding capacity. My body always produces and absorbs the most collagen and elastin

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