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· Week 49, 2022 ·

My mind now lacks any heart walls. Now my mind does not have any mental walls. Now my mind is free of any blockages and blockages in all the meridians of my body, and energy is easily circulating in all my meridians. Now my mind is in complete balance in my 7 main chakras and all the secondary chakras of my body, and all the main and secondary chakras of my body are clean and energy flows easily in them. Now my mind has removed all mental, heart, spiritual and physical blockages. Now my mind has let go of all the previously latent, latently absorbed, inherited, trapped emotions. Now my mind has removed all the energies that are in conflict with my will, such as the energy of images, sounds, memories, feelings. Now my mind has cleared all physical and mental traumas. Now my mind has removed all conscious or unconscious blockages. Now my mind has removed all its obsessions. Now my unconscious mind is aligned with my conscious mind. Now my mind easily imagines and visualizes with high resolution skills in perfect detail. Now my mind is completely cleansed and cleansed from any harmful influence. Now my mind easily believes all my conscious desires and quickly turns them into reality and manifests them in the physical world and brings them into my life at an incredibly high speed. Now my mind has healed all its injuries. Now my mind has believed and done all the physical changes. Now my mind has removed any stops for progress and success in the path of receiving more abundance of God's blessings. Now my mind is free healthy happy rich successful winning and amazing

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