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Weekly best healing Grabovoi numbers & codes list
· Week 31, 2022 ·

I burn calories at the speed of light. I burn more calories than I take in. I consume very little calories. I am always satiated. I have optimal oxygen levels. I have perfect hormonal balance. I burn fat all day long. I burn fat 24/7. My hormones constantly tell my body to release fat. My insulin levels are extremely low. I have a small appetite. My glucagon levels are extremely high. My growth hormone levels are extremely high. My cortisol levels are optimal. My body is doing everything to make me lose fat. Everyday I am getting closer and closer to my fat loss goals. I have clear and specific fat loss goals. I write down my fat loss goals. I stay away from sugar. I do my research. My self-control is out of this world. I follow the advice of experts. I stay away from processed foods. I get quality sleep. I optimize my sleep. I get enough sleep. I exersise with incredible intensity. I am always relaxed. I let go of stress. I understand that losing fat is incredibly difficult. I challenge myself everyday. I am prepared to make immense sacrifices to reach my goals. I am ready to change. I understand that I am not above the process. I am what I eat. Fat loss goes hand in hand with exercise. I am incredibly fit. My body is my temple. I eat to nourish my body. I only eat healthy food. I am a healthy person. I care about my body. I have a lightning quick metabolism. I am incredibly self-disciplined. I plan my health. I make progress everyday. I take my health very seriously. I build new healthy habits. I exercise regularly. I love healthy food. I love exercise. I easily lose fat. I eradicate unhealthy habits from my life. I focus on what I can control. My metabolism is incredibly efficient. I see food as fuel for my body. I let go of the desire to overeat. I understand the slow nature of progress. Exercise is part of my life. My body easily burns fat. My body is sacred. I exercise intensely. I push myself to the limit. I track my progress. I need very little food. I respect my body. I focus on my goals. I respect myself. I make sacrifices to get what I want. My body can function on very little food. I only put fresh foods into my body. I stick to my commitments. I find joy in eating healthy food. Being healthy makes me happy.

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