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Healing Grabovoi number: 60161839

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Immediately now with the blessings, grace and help of my creator 1231115025 I 38711439 have highest chi energy. Immediately now my third eye is open my intuition is too powerful, 100% perfect and accurate and strongly high I believe 100%. I am a great grand master magician who had all supernatural, clairvoyant and telepathic powers and my physical mental and spiritual powers and vibrations are highest and powerful, irresistible to everybody, male, female or in-between, living or nonliving, smallest or biggest and the people who have enimity on me now Immediately. Now immediately my subconscious mind, superconscious mind and subliminal mind are active strong and powerful totally in my command and control. Now immediately I can curs, hex and bless any body with a single thought and glance miraculously. Immediately now my own shadow (hamzaad) is my true loyal and faithful friend and companion with his all supernatural Powers. I love myself and my shadow above all after my creator. Immediately now I can communicate with and see my shadow miraculously with open eye's. Immediately now my shadow is my best friend, best adviser, best teacher in my magical activities and in achieving miraculous and supernatural powers and helping me to be a powerful healthy famous multi billionaire and get all of my wishes come true immediately now. He is my mirror image. He can do any possible or impossible work within seconds for me miraculously Immediately now. Immediately now my spells, supernatural powers and my magic are highly powerful and acts like a missile for me as well as my clients and gives immediate and assured results. Now I can hypnotize thousands of people at a single glance, within seconds I can travel any destination without any stress or problem, I can see and hear behind the walls and anybody without his/her clothes, I can cross any kind of wall like energy. Within seconds I can capture and command anybody's mind, I can disappear and appear on my own wish from the eyes of the people, now I am a supernatural and powerful human being miraculously immediately now. Immediately now I am a great grand master of telekinesis. Now My telekinetic powers are highest, I can move or lift any living or nonliving thing of any size and any weight to any destination with my mental powers miraculously Thanks to my creator and the universe. 1m
I have an amazing singing voice My voice is beautiful I have an incredible voice I am free from strain and cracks I have a talented voice Everyone loves my voice I have perfect control of my voice I am always on pitch I always sing the pitch of notes accurately I have good vocal control I sing each note distinctly intended for musical effect I handle note leaps accurately I can accurately sing falsettos. I can sing falsettos easily I can sing whistles easily I can sing modal registers easily I never run out of breath while singing I am always aware of my breath I know how to accurately breathe while singing People can’t hear me when I take breaths I have control over my diaphragm I can easily use my diaphragm I can interact with my diaphragm easily while singing When I sing I use my diaphragm I can easily hold long notes without running out of breath I can sing while dancing without losing breath I have perfect air support I am fully aware of how I breathe and use it to my advantage while singing I can control my breathing I am aware of all-natural breathing periods I am under conscious control of my breathing My breathing is a conditioned reflex I am free of tension I always have good posture while singing I keep my mouth open wide while singing without looking funny I open my mouth while singing I sing with confidence I sing with emotion I relax my tongue when singing I can easily relax my jaw when singing I relax my shoulders when singing I can relax my neck while singing I have a firm understanding of Vocal Pedagogy I have a good body alignment when singing I know my range I understand my vocal range I sing perfectly in my vocal range I have a large vocal range I understand vocal registration I am easily coordinated while singing I have a high degree of muscle coordination while singing I always warm up my voice before singing I can easily extend my vocal range I understand vocal techniques I easily understand and use legato I can easily use staccato singing I can easily use my control of dynamics while singing I can do rapid figurations I can comfortably sing wide intervals I understand what chest voice is I know what my chest voice is I can easily use my chest voice while singing I have a powerful chest voice I can easily belt out notes correctly and accurately Tone easily resonates in my chest I have good vocal cord adduction I have developed chest register I understand what head voice is I know what head voice is I can easily use my head voice while singing I have a powerful head voice I have developed a beautiful head voice register I have a beautiful Mixed voice I understand what a mixed voice register is I can sing perfectly in my mixed voice I can sing any note correctly The notes in my range sound incredible I can sing any note on pitch I can sing high notes and low notes easily I can sing large note jumps with ease I have good control over my pitch I can maneuver my way through my range with ease I have excellent pitch control I am free of being off pitch I have incredible pitch control Tone/Timbre/Texture I understand what tone is I understand what Timbre is I understand what Texture is I have an excellent balance of bass and treble I have a good general nature of sound when I sing I have a smooth timbre I have the texture I desire in my voice I have a clear enunciation I am free of slurring my words I am free from mumbling I sing clearly When I sing each word is expressed exactly as I want it to be I only slur when I want to slur I am in complete control over how I sound I have perfect volume I can sing softly and loudly I can easily change volume with ease I can project my voice easily I have perfect volume control when I sing My voice is beautifully balanced

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What are healing / Grabovoi numbers?

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